Things that have got worst since digitisation

1. A Faceless Society - it is now the case that it is difficult to get to talk to someone on the phone, it is often difficult to even get an email.

2. Alienation from simple machines - once upon a time, with an analogue micro-wave you turned the timer to 5 minutes and the setting to 5.

Job done. Try it now! Another example, I have a new bread machine - there seems to be no way of turning it off once it has started on its programme. And that includes unplugging from the wall and taking it for a walk around the block, plug it right back in again and it starts off exactly from where you stopped it. Machine, I pressed the wrong button, will you forgive me? It ignores me

These are but two of many possible examples

3. Computer say no - my daughters have had no debts in their lives (except ofcourse to their parents), are first year students, can they get any bank to extend to them a student loan? No, because they have a poor credit rating!!!! One bank even said because they have no lived at their address for long enough (clue, they are FIRST year students having moved to a new City for the purposes of study)

4. Sending an email as opposed to a fax from a file - you used to be able to print to fax - quite useful, new system comes in, you can't print to email - why not?


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