Museum of London to relocate to Smithfield - Official

The Museum Association has revealed that the move to Smithfield has now been officially adopted by the Museum of London.

Museum of London to relocate | Museums Association

I think this entirely makes sense for the Museum - I do, however, wonder if it will not ruin the area of Smithfield which is still a bit of a backwater as far as tourists are concerned.  With the Museum of London there it may become a major centre of Tourism. St Barts will enjoy a huge boost in tourism. and the major tourist routes will be stretch from St Pauls to the North.

I am a member of the NIMFHP tendency - not in my favourite historic place.

More seriously, is there a hidden threat to the Museum of Docklands - will the museum have enough room for the Dockland's objects, and will it want to cut its loses and go back to a one centre museum?


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