British Museum - Celts - an abandoned Public Gallery and a blockbusting exhibition

This is my letter about the Prehistoric Gallery

'I'm a frequent visitor to the British Museum Prehistoric Galleries and have noticed how it has been gradually denuded of many of  its treasures.

In effect the BM has taken away from the public the ability to see the great prehistoric treasures for free and they now have to pay for the privilege of seeing the Battersea and Wandsworth Shields; Waterloo Helmet, Snettisham torcs etc. 

Ok, I can see there is a need for special exhibitions but it seems to me that no one at the museum has taken into account:

1. the idea that the BM should have kept a core of objects in the Prehistoric Gallery so that the story of Britain could continue to be enjoyed.

2. the thought that the BM could have found substitutes for the permanent gallery, as it is the Gallery is devastated with huge holes in the narrative, and empty eyesores of cases.

3. Why did the BM need to take virtually everyone of the Snettisham Hoard torcs - there is now hardly any torcs on display.

To me this shows contempt for the ordinary museum visitor, and a concern for making careers by blockbusting exhibitions to the detriment of the Museum's ordinary visitors, and the integrity of the public galleries.'

British Museum - Celts


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