Gallus, the Cybele and Roman Eunuchs

A recent posting in the Britarch mailing list referred to a Poem of Catullus which mentions, it was said, a Eunoch of the Goddess the Cybele.    I often use a poem by Ovid which mentions the 'Votaries of the Cybele ululating in high pitched chorus with their Phyrgian Fashions'  and so looked up the Poem - Poem 78
This left me in some doubt as to whether the poem is about a Eunuch  Although the context of Poem 78 is following poems about the Cybele, and one meaning of a gallus is a eunuch of the Cybele. but as you will see, in this translation, Gallus is married. 
Wikipedia also tells me that Gallus can mean many things, including:

  • several ancient Romans; see Gallus (cognomen)
  • ...
  • Gallus, the Latin word for an inhabitant of Gaul
  • Gallus, the singular form of Galli, the eunuch priests of Cybele

So, I wonder whether that the name is chosen because he is a bit of a cock? or did the Gauls have a reputation, even then, as lovers and aren't these more likely than that he is a Eunuch?  But I am not a Latin scholar.

another translation

Gallus has brothers, of whom one has the loveliest wife
the other the loveliest son.
Gallus is a cute man: since he joins them as lovers,
so that beautiful boy beds with beautiful girl.
Gallus is a stupid man, not seeing himself as a husband,
who instructs a nephew in an uncle’s wife’s adultery.

Here is a report about an excavation of a skeleton of a eunuch.  

This was originally written up in this publication.

On Britarch it was pointed out that another poem did refer to a Gallus. Here is part of the poem in which the Gallus is bemoaning his castration.

Wretched ah wretched, it's forever to be deplored, Soul.
Truely, what do I look like, aren't I therefore damned ?
Am I a woman, a youth, a husband-to-be, a boy ?
I was in top form, the attraction of the wrestling school:
many people frequently visited Me, Many kept Their houses cool for Me,
My house was adorned with garlands for Me,
people stood up for Me, where a seat faced the Sun rise.
Am I now driven(2) to be a servant of gods(5) and Cybele's slave ?
Am I to be(6) a Maenad, am I to play that part, to be a sterile man ?
Am I to live in the cold, snow-coated place of green Ida ?
Am I to spend My life under the high mountain tops of Phrygia,
where the hind is a forest dweller, where the boar is a wood rover ?
What I've done, distresses Me now, now I'm sorry."
When She made a quick loud noise with Her rose lips, She left,


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