Vulgar - the exhibition that is not vulgar

Great Costumes shame about the bullshit.

Vulgar was simply the title it was not  tastelessnor was it  gross, or  crass, and certainly not unrefined. There was nothing tawdry, or  garish, or even  brassy. As to  kitsch,  or tinselly, never. I say nothing glaring, brash, loud, or  harsh;

At times it was ostentatious, flamboyant, over-elaborate, overdone, showy, flashy, gaudy, garish, brassy. But it wasn't sexy or  flaunting, 

It might have been about fashion adopting the extreme, or going over the top, or even playing with the vulgar. But what it was not about was vulgarity.

Each section had an introductory text, which was very happy with itself  and then there was a lovely set of costumes which often had nothing to do with the introductory text, and had scarcely anything to do with vulgarity.   There were two shows, a show of costume and a display of one person's reflection on the word vulgarity.  Very little contact between the two. 

It was as if someone had collected a good collection of costume and then scattered them around empty rooms introduced by showy labels. 

The labels liked to go around in a circle. Vulgar is this and that is vulgar. Oh! how clever!

It didn't lay a finger on vulgarity.  Nice dresses.  Were there ANY male clothes?  Are we not vulgar?


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