Is this the meaning of London

There are some people who think German was spoken in Eastern Britain before the Romans. For them the meaning of the words Thames and London given by modern linquists are wrong.

Thames - Dark River
London - indo-european for Plowonida (Richard Coates - meaning settlement by the Dark or flowing river)

These should be replaced by  (according to: 

'Etymology of Thames: 'aT (the) ames' = 'inhabited place where the estuary begins'. The Romans wrote: Tamisa or Tamesa. [4] The river would later (before the Romans came!) be named similar to 'the London river' as 'the Thames river'.  '

They make the point that the name originates as reference to the land and then gets transferred to the River.

'Landen, if one accepts that the place-name was originally proto-English. 'Land-en' (aphonic 'e') is an ancient English, but still used in Dutch, plural for 'land'.

'Land' meant originally: an open space to build a home upon, the farmhouse with its surrounding grounds.'


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