London Bridge Revealed - Medicine

I gave a walk for the London Festival of Archiecture on Medicine - good turn out and it went well.

 I tried to give a medical, architectural, historical and to add in various ideas of health and well-being.

London Bridge Revealed – Medicine (Guided Walk)

During June the Museum of Walking will lead an eclectic series of walks focusing on some of the key characteristics that make up London Bridge’s past, present and future: its riverside, railway and greenery, and its unique heritage medical and leisure heritage.
Both the provision and education associated with Guy’s Hospital and Kings College has a huge legacy in the area, and has attracted private hospitals as well. Not only is the Guy’s tower a significant landmark (purportedly the highest hospital building in the world both at the time of its construction in the 1970s and in the present day), but as one of the largest employers, holds the key to many personal and collective memories.
Join for a guided walk in the company of Kevin Flude, former director of the Old Operating Theatre Museum (in St Thomas’ St) who will slice the area with the accuracy of a surgeon’s knife, revealing how the area retains its position at the heart of modern medicine and public health.
The walk is free of charge, but we ask that you book a place through the link provided. The exact meeting point will be announced here before the walk.


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