BM confirms closure of Paul Hamlyn library | Museums Association

This is really bad news - this had the best collection of books on Museums I know of and it was easy to get to and easy to use. I used to send students there so they could get an easy overview of books on the subject.

The Library used to be housed in the Reading Room of the old British Library and this was opened to the public as part of the Great court project - then the BM got 'greedy' and closed it to house block buster exhibitions, and moved the library to somewhere noone could find easily, now they have closed it.

I suspect it helps them keep the Reading Room closed as a library - which is itself a disgrace - this is a really historic building and you can never seen the inside the way it should be because it is dressed for exhibitions. This really makes me angry! I wonder if they are breaching the spirit of the Grant applications they made which I assume must have mentioned making the Reading Room available to the public as part of it

Even the BM management can't be bothered to look after Heritage properly.

BM confirms closure of Paul Hamlyn library | Museums Association: "confirms closure of Paul Hamlyn library"


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