Headless Chickens - ACE outlines new approach to Renaissance | Museums Association

I see the Museums Association are broadly welcoming the Arts Council demolition of the Museum structures that have underpinned strategy in the Museum world for the last 10 years work. The whole edifice of Renaissance in the Regions - misconceived at the very beginning, has now been abandoned not only by the Government and the Arts Council but also by the Museums Association and every other museum organisation.

It is quite pathetic. They destroyed the membership based Area Museum services, telling us that the new Byzantine system of Hub Museums and strategic Museum, Libraries and Archives boards would serve us better. Then just about at the time that we got used to the Hub, and little MLA's then they ransform it into the idea of Core Museums, and then when ACE don't like it abandon that too, and say they are broadly in favour! What on earth is going on - is the Museum world full of yes-people who just let the powers that be kick them around? Yes, I broadly support you kicking me in the guts.


ACE outlines new approach to Renaissance | Museums Association


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