10 ways for Museums to boost their social media

Alec Ward of the Museum of London just delivered an excellent session on Social Media.

Here are my 10 points

1. Posts do much better if they have an image or a video. 

You can now post video straight to Facebook, and evidence suggests that videos are often seen without sound. So bear this in mind when making them.  Infographics site Venngage can help produce engaging graphics. 3d Images are now easy to do

2. Target  your posts to your audience. Find out about your audience using the analytics packages with your SM platform. Use these to monitor results of posts and fine tune.

3 Post at the best time for your audience.  Social media stats can be found at 'shortstack'  This suggests 10am and 3pm are the best time to post but it  depends on the audience. In general 9am - 7pm best time.

4. Creating posts beginning Top 10 or Top 5 - often gets an audience

5. Use your collection to create great stories. Don't just post upcoming events, tell a story and then mention the upcoming event.

6 #ThisIsUseful Tweeting to #DidYouKnow or #OnThisDay can be effective for getting your post out there

7. Collaborate! Share your twitter. Museum Take Over Days - in which one museum takes over another one for a day or so provides an excellent collaboration which is good for social media

8. Use the right tools  to manage your SM feeds - Hootsuite, TweetDesk  or Buffer

9. Use 2 or 3 platforms - facebook, twitter and maybe instagram. Snapchat for teenagers, leave the rest for a those with a SM team of 10.  But do use your volunteers - they will need some training to learn to write suitable SM copy.

10. In facebook use the schedule, post and target options when posting. 

11. OOPS! but why 10?  Create a SM strategy and benchmark it against other similar organisations

And the future - ChatBots answering online questions for you.. See Panderabats.  Live Video has come to Facebook - how can the museum use it.


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