New Web site and Blog

Finally, I have moved myself onto Slightly afraid of the extra fiddle-faddling capability I now have at my finger tips...... So this blog will slowly fade into the dusk The new blog is here: Go on have a look.

Report on the contribution of the culture industry to the economy.

The arts and culture industry has grown £390million in a year and now contributes £10.8billion a year to the UK economy.

Restitution of objects

The government has turned its back on restitution.  What it should have done was promoted dialogue, not shut the door.,VGX4,27LVJK,39QTE,1

Updated Lincoln's Inn Fields Wikipedia page

I quite often revise wikipedia pages if I feel I have a moment. This one I did because the London Archaeologist had an article by Barbora Brederova about an excavation in the Fields, and it gave information not clearly listed on Wikipedia. If you want to read it here it is I included a reference to the discovery of a fragment of a fudding cup.

Ice House discovered near Regents Park

They have discovered a complete ice house by Regent's Crescent. near Regent's Park

My next Walks for London Walks are:

Saturday March 30 2019 The City of London Architecture Walk Sat 14:30 · Tower Hill tube station · London     Pub Crawl up the River Fleet on May 18 London Bridge to Bermondsey on July 13 The Archaeology of London Bridge on July 14 City Backstreets on Oct. 5Roman Archaeology and Culture on Aug. 3 Chelsea on Sept. 28 Decline and Fall of Roman London on Sept. 28 Myths and Legends and the Origins of London on Oct. 5 The City and the Blitz on November 23

New film on Mary Anning starring Kate Winslet

They have started filming it in Lyme Regis.  The story casts Anning as a lesbian which has created a bit of a tiss.