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Early use of computers in archaeology

Hobley's Heros has just uploaded this snippet of a 1982 BBC programme which features me talking about one of the first uses of computers in an Archaeological excavation in the UK.
A new suggestion for Arthur's second most famous battle has been proposed - Braydon Forest - it should be, says Andrew Breeze. the Battle of Mons Bradonicus.   The context for the battle is the battle for Cirenceaster  between the Saxons and the Britains.  - which Breeze  calls the capital of Celtic Britain.    The full text is : Salon: Issue 325 1 September 2014     'Another major hillfort, this time Ringsbury Camp, in the parish of Purton, some 5 miles east of Swindon, is being proposed as a possible site for the Battle of Badon, or Mons Badonicus, which Gildas says was decisive in halting the westward march of hostile Saxon migrants around AD 490 (though an alternative reading of the crucial passage in Gildas suggests that the battle that took place there was part of a civil war for supremacy in southern England, rather than a conflict between British and Saxon combatants). Various suggestions have been made over the centuries for the location of t