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Upcoming lectures

* A logo for London – 100 years of design excellence (London Transport Museum) Oliver Green, London Transport Museum’s Head Curator, talks about one of the most successful and enduring logos of all time. on Thursday, 18 September at 18:30:00 More details: More details: * Benjamin Franklin and Women (The Benjamin Franklin House) An Insight into Franklin’s Female Relationships whilst here in London. Given by Lady Reid, one of Britain’s foremost Franklin Scholars. on Wednesday, 24 September at 18:30:00 More details: And remember this week is: Open House Weekend The Old Operating Theatre is one of the many places that are throwing open their doors for free, next weekend. Sat and Sun 20th and 21st September 10.30-5pm 'To Celebrate London's Architecture Free Ent

Instaling Software on the eec pc

I've just been looking at installing the Gimp on my EEC Pc also keen to load Free mind mind mapping software. But looking at the posts it makes you despair of linux. They say things like Add repositories then type in apt something or other Then they say it may not give your permissions so you'll have to use sudo. If you follow the links to repositories - I assume you need to put in some file a list of places to look for installations, it then says scary things like You must only use xandros 4 repositories or else you will break you eec if you use debian sources. At this point you give up - and think windows is a wonderful think. In windows you can download a file clic on and you can be pretty much sure it will run. Not so it would seem with linux - you have to manually place the repository in some archane file in the etc bin, you have to check you have a safe repository, you then have to run several programmes from the command line. this will so put off most normal m

London Animation festival - the Life Size Zoetrope

I went to the finale of the London Festival of Animation. This was the winner - a living zoetrope all done in one shot - a great technique! Uncertain Times: The Life Size Zoetrope Interview with the director Mark Simon Hewis

Philistine conservative threat to London Fire brigade’s Museum

Brian Coleman, Boris Johnson's new Fire Authority Chairman, has threatened the closure of the London fire Brigade Museum. He shows a complete ignorance of the importance of the Museum, compared to the piffling savings that are on offer. What he ignores is the fact that it is not just the Museum that is an important part of Heritage it is also the Southwark site itself which is the home of London's first fire brigade, and has associations with heroic fire fighters Massey Shaw and James Braidwood. If this is the cliched thinking we can expect from the Tories, heaven help us. made breathtakingly ignorant statements about the Fire brigade’s Southwark training centre and museum under threat [7 September 2008]

Open House Weekend

Just to remind you that the Old Operating Theatre Museum will be open free on open house weekend and this year it is hoped that St Thomas Church may also be open - although the building work is behind schedule so I cannot confirm this yet. I also enclose information on our next demonstrations of Victorian surgery. Open House Weekend Sat and Sun 20th and 21st September 10.30-5pm 'To Celebrate London's Architecture Free Entry 10.30-5pm Victorian Surgery Saturdays 7th,13th and 27th September 2pm Sunday 14th September 2pm "A patient preparing for an operation was like a condemned criminal preparing for execution." A demonstration of an operation without anaesthetics or antiseptics, in Britain's only remaining wooden 19th century Operating Theatre. How will you survive...? -- If you do not want to receive any more newsletters, To update your preferences and to unsubscri

Charity Annual Returns - Commission tightens up on defaulters

The AIM Bulletin reports that Charities that are late filing their annual returns face are tighter regime and that defaulting will lead to removal from the Charities Register if accounts are filed later than a year.

New Labelling and Marking Guidelines from the Collections Link

New Labelling and Marking Guidelines have been uploaded to the Collections Link web site. Collections Link

Roman Food

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Names website now worldwide

You can now plot the worldwide distribution of your surname at: World Names Profiler

Smithfield Redevelopment refused.

Hazel Blears has refused permission for the demolition of the general market building at Smithfield. Simon Thurley of English Heritage said: 'This is a fantastic day for London’s heritage and for all those who care about what makes this great city special. We are delighted that the Secretary of State has recognised the value of the Smithfield conservation area. This decision proves that the historic environment is about much more than just individual listed buildings – this is an acknowledgement of the many unlisted – but not unloved – buildings which collectively create a powerful sense of place and positively contribute to the fabric of the city. We are sure that local authorities across the country will take note of this important decision, which is a timely reminder of their duty to safeguard the special character of conservation areas in their care as well as historic buildings, listed or not, for the contribution they make.’ Salon 195: 1 September 2008 - kpflude@googlemail.

20ft-high fence hid Stonehenge 5,000 years ago

Archaeologists have found evidence of a 20ft High fence hiding one side of Stonehenge. The timber wall snaked across the landscape for 2 miles. the other side was the ceremonial route way into Stonehenge where the henge would be shielded from view by the contours. Revealed: The 5,000-year-old, 20ft-high fence which hid Stonehenge from its nosy Stone Age neighbours | Mail Online

Neanderthal tools as good as Homo Sapiens tools

Research has found no functional difference between the tool set used by neaderthal and those used by homo sapiens. This suggests technology was not a reason for the extinction of the Neaderthals. Neanderthals: not stupid, just different | Science |