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The V& A new entrance

The V & A has revealed its new entrance.    The architect is the Amanda Levete Architect. It provides a new entrance from Exhibition road, and a lovely white open space courtyard with good views of the Henry Cole Wing.  Below is a new temporary exhibition Gallery, and it integrates various routes through the Museum. On a personal level it is great to see the blight caused by the work coming to an end and allows my V&A guided walk to be restored.  I'm particularly pleased to see the Ceramic Staircase restored. I hope it isn't long before the Cast Court is reopened. This is what the V&a says about the project: And here the Guardian.  The V&A

Neolithic people wiped out by Bell Beaker folk.

The latest study of DNa suggests Beaker folk are not a distinct people in Europe but in Britain Bell Beaker DNA replaces Neolithic DNA.   Ancient-genome study finds Bronze Age ‘Beaker culture’ invaded Britain : Nature News & Comment

Days in the Archives

This looks like a really nice set of archive sessions in the archives at the Bishopsgate Institute.

Virtual Auto-Icon

Have fun rotating Jeremy Betham, and remember its for the Greater Good. Virtual Auto-Icon