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Museum Identity Ltd - New Museum Magazine etc.

A new Museum magazine that seems to have some focus on narrative. Museum Identity Ltd - high-quality conferences, study days, publications, for professionals

next walk by Kevin

Here are further walks I am doing for London Walks.   The next one is next weekend:   kevin   Feb. 6 at 10.45   The City and the Wars of the Roses - St Pauls Exit 2 Apr. 3 at 10.45   Chaucer's London - St Paul's exit 2 June 5 at 10.45 London history in Verse - poems and nursery rhymes  St Pauls Exit 2   If you have any useful information please sent it for consideration of inclusion to: -- If you do not want to receive any more newsletters, this link To update your preferences and to unsubscribe visit this link

easyjet - impossibility of getting in contact with them

My daugher, while booking an easyjet flight with my credit card (my first mistake) managed to book her flight 3 times by accident. Trying to contact easyjet to clear this up and get the money refunded has been almost impossible. They have not responded to emails - acknowledging receipt but still not answering the question 10 days later. Their phone number is a 0870 10p a minute line and each time I have gone on it I ahve had to wait ages before giving up. It is hopeless. Never trust any business with an 0870 number. SAYNOTO0870.COM - Non-Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers : "01582 700036"

Chinese Traditional Medicine Museum

Interesting to see that this Chinese medical Museum serves medicinal recipes in the Restaurant. Must try that here.

Guided walks in South London this weekend

I enclose information on some guided walks that have come to my attention. Happy New Year kevin   GUIDED TOURS OF ST MARY MAGDALEN CHURCH, BERMONDSEY STREET Saturday 30 January 10.45am at St Mary Magdalen,  Bermondsey Street; Suggested donation £5 St Mary Magdalen Church, Bermondsey Street, is opening its doors again for guided tours of the church from 10.45am. This is a fascinating historic church with many interesting features and a rich history. Over 320 years old, with a mediaeval tower, it is the oldest building in Bermondsey. There will be two separate main tours of the ground and first floors, commencing at 11am and 12.30pm, for a suggested donation of £5 per person. For a small number there will also be the possibility of a 30 minute tour around the higher tower and the roof space, for an additional donation. Numbers for the tower/roof are strictly limited so you are advised to book in advance (see website) if you wish to do this - first come, first served.

You Are Not Here - Baghdad and New York

These organise mash up walks which take place in one City but are actually guided walks of the other city also Gaza and el Aviv Gaby gave me the link. You Are Not Here

Lecture on Guided Walks for Museums

I gave a talk on guided walks and Museum at Central St Martin's today. Some idea of what I was talking about can be seen at the following site: Guided Walks for Museums

Museum Audience Insight: Guided Tours: A Polarizing Interpretation Method

An american survey as to why some people don't like to go on museum guided tours. Museum Audience Insight: Guided Tours: A Polarizing Interpretation Method

Museum Guided Tour

Interesting article on museum guided tours. 200712511318.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Use Your Local

Great idea this - get the parcels that arrive when you are at work delivered to you pub instead Local Pubs & Clubs | Country, Town, Village Pubs | Use Your Local

The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop

This is a link to a site that is trying to set up a open source site for Museum Exhibition design. Looks interesting although the site is largely an empty shell so far with few real projects. But if if takes off might be good? Jonathan recommended it. The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop

Did aliens help to line up Woolworths stores? | Science | The Guardian

Great piece in Ben Goldacre's bad Science Column on nonsense archaeological investigation as reported in the Daily Mail. To counter the claim that prehistoric man had their own 'sat-nav' system a researcher used a similar technique to prove that the same system explained the distribution of Woolworth shops. .' Did aliens help to line up Woolworths stores? | Science | The Guardian : "Parker used an ancient technique: he found his patterns in 800 ex-Woolworths locations by 'skipping over the vast majority, and only choosing the few that happen to line up'."

Home baked bread - how much do you save?

This article suggests making your own bread costs 50% less than buying even including power consumption and there are various gains including reduction of packaging and transport costs to making it yourself. And it turns you into a domestic god - at least to those who like bread. Home baked bread

School where every day is linked to museum work

Very interesting article about a school which integrates museum learning into everyday. Also interesting thoughts on usefulness of Museums for Education. Langley academy, where every day is like a school trip | Education | The Guardian

Museum Training web site -Volunteer training bank

The MLA, has a really useful set of resources on line which can be used to give volunteers basic museum training. There is also a guide to how to get the most out of your local volunteer agency. Volunteer training bank

Future Human: London's New Theatre of Ideas

'Bad Idea' who developed their presentations methods at projects at the V&A and the Butchers Shop which took place at the Old Operating Theatre Museum, have now taken the idea forward to the 'Theatre of Ideas'. The theme of future human was first discussed by them at their event in September 09 in the Old Operating Theatre Museum. Future Human: London's New Theatre of Ideas

4000 year old Lentil Seed sprouts!

A 4000 year old seed has germinated which, if confirmed, has implications for studying ancient dna. The Megalithic Portal and Megalith Map: Ancient seed sprouts plant from the past