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Malware cleared

I have cleared the malware listing on my site at the cost of deleting it all and replacing the designed pages with a bland place holder, now I have to reinstall it gradually without reinstalling the malware bland placeholder

Wouldn't it be nice review

One of the participants of my experimental Wouldn't it be nice tour at Somerset house has reviewed it: art

Diigo - end of an affair wit Furl

Furl is no more and I have been moved over to Diigo - I have had first go at it and seems not quite as good although easier to manipulate between it and blog. So maybe I need to give it a chance? Dashboard | Diigo

Lady Jane Grey: Biography, Portraits, Primary Sources

Excellent biography of Lady Jane Grey Lady Jane Grey: Biography, Portraits, Primary Sources   Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

Malware and Google

I received an email to say that my web site had malware and that Google were placing a warning on the google page. But they give no idea where the malware is and how to find it - they link you to an anodyne page which says a lot but without giving a clue how to go about it. So I can see that if you depended on your web site this could put you out of business.

Shunt Vaults and British Commonwealth Museum in running for Potters Field

Southwark Council say that Shunt Vaults and British Commonwealth Museum in running for the new cultural venue in Potters Field

Guys Tower reclad and the Shard

SE1 Magazine has a image showing what the Pool of London will look like when the Shard is built and the Guys Tower is reclad. Meanwhile we are inundated by lorries working on the shard New look Southwark with Shard and Guys Tower ttp://

First Quarter at the Old Operating Theatre

We have had a very good quarter at the Old Operating Theatre, not as good as last year, but second best, and good results for schools and groups. And some success with grants.

Google horror - importing Contacts using CSV format

What a terrible case of appalling documentation - Google's help in regard to importing contacts into Google using a CSV file is really absolutely appalling. I followed the instructions and found it did not import the data at all as you would expect it. Eventually I found a blog which contained the information that enabled the truly appalling nature of Google's documentation to become apparent. This is what you have to do 1 create a csv with a header line something like this Name, E-mail, Section 1 - Description, Section 1 - Title, Section 1 - Company, Section 1 - Address, etc The lines below have to be: myname,myemail, Work, Mr, my org etc of the emails are not work change work to personal, but this needs to be in every line or you are in trouble. How can google have such truly awful documentation?

Synching mobile phones and google

Found an easy solution for the horrific change over from palm to nokia. 1. Sign up to Goosync to sync calendar with nokia e71 - this was simplicity itself as I managed it even with unfamilar mobile. 2. Download companionlink and set up to sync palm with googld 3. use goosync. remarkable 3 ways world and I think it means i can then move back to pam when the Pre comes out! Now the contacts ..... companionlink link below Products

The Horrors of changing technology

Someone trod on my phone - it may look like a brick, and weigh like a brick but it's fragile like a flower. So, looked around for an alternative, really wanted something really light and modern, but found it very, very difficult to try any phones out in shops - they all said no. So in the end I implusively bought an Nokia E71 which has a querty keyboard and had good write ups, and is very slim and elegant. Trouble is when I get it I find the calendar is not as good and does not have colour like my old Treo 680, the brick. And I find it absolutely difficult to get my calendar date out of palm and into nokia. Contacts too - same problem - its going to take about a week to set myself up with something not as good. Or do I cut my loses sell the damn thing and buy a treo - the problem with the treo is that a new version is coming out soon which sounds fantastic, but not yet. Here anyway is a work around to get from palm calendar to google. - Syncing your Palm Desktop Cal

Sutton Hoo

We visited Sutton Hoo. Very strange because this and the BM exhibition are the opposite of complementary - they each need each other. Sutton Hoo is an exhibition (book on the wall type) without a focus on real objects, while the BM Sutton Hoo exhibitions could do with some of the explanation you get at Sutton Hoo. I was disappointed as some how the NT has managed to make it into a unmememorable visit - all too tame. The video was shocking as it had some very interesting quotes from Anglo saxon that made me think - why have I not read these before - they are so good! But they were unattributed made up modern quotes in the style of Beowulf. Very misleading and the National Trust should be ashamed of passing off pastiche as reality. National Trust | Sutton Hoo

Under the pier show arcade, southwold/alternative coin operated machines

Went to the Under the Pier Show by Tim Hunkin - best, funniest, grungiest, silliest interactives I've seen! and what's nice is that the pricing also encourages use some just 40p others £1 or £2 but each funny but really well thought out and planned. The Bathyscope - an underwater adventure, the automatic frisking machine, the no exercise exercise machines - all very funny. Under the pier show arcade, southwold/alternative coin operated machines