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Destruction of Heritage at London Bridge Station redevelopment

London Bridge Station redevelopment gets green light from Southwark councillors [21 December 2011] : Although there are some disbenefits in terms of heritage, the merits of the scheme are considerable and clearly weigh in favour of approval


Lovely idea this - the rich and wealthy fighting the war on the home front from the luxury of the First Class Hotel - hence the title the Ritzkrieg - Matthew Sweet's book on the Blitz Nothing Tra La La?: Ritzkrieg

The Resurrectionist's Blog

This is a daily posting of Joseph Naples bodysnatching diary and it is being organised by Kirsty Chilton, Assistant Curator at the Old Operating Theatre Museum The Resurrectionist's Blog

Amazing Bronze Age Boats found near Flag Fen

Bronze Age site offers first 'complete' picture of life in East Anglia 3,000 years ago - when we were skilled sailors, and even used cutlery | Mail Online


This website allows you to search a wide body of digital resources relating to early modern and eighteenth-century London, and to map the results on to a fully GIS compliant version of John Rocque's 1746 map. Home | LOCATING LONDON'S PAST

Southwark Workhouses - Google Maps

This is Chris Constable's google mapping of workhouses in Southwark Southwark Workhouses - Google Maps

Southwark Burial Grounds

This provides interesting information on the Grave yards of Southwark - very useful and compiled by Chris Constable. Southwark burial grounds

UP Projects | Secret Garden Project

UP Projects | Secret Garden Project

Lovers' Locks on Millenium Bridge

Padlocks on London Bridge - the custom has spread to London but the Corporation is deploying bolt cutters apparently. John Clark in an email to Britarch pointed out that the lovers throw the keys into the River and in 2000 years archaeologists will have a puzzle. The Mystery Of The Locks « Christopher Fowler's Blog

MoL bids for museum development | Monument Fellow aids Scottish HLF bid -

This makes sense - and an end to all that nonsense of the hubs - but where does it leave the Horniman and the Geffrye Museum after taking them on a long labyrinthine meander around the Hub. Google Mail - MoL bids for museum development | Monument Fellow aids Scottish HLF bid -

Jean Nouvel - One New Change,WorldArchitectureNews, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, London, Urban Design

Read a piece saying that London had buildings by 5 of the winners of the most prestigious art prize: the Pritzker Prize The winners were Foster, Rogers, Stirling, Koolhouse and Jean Nouvel So I looked up Nouvel and found he designed the terribly ugly building on Cheapside - its really very good inside and on the roof and has great views of St Pauls but the facade is awful and is absolutely no improvement on Cheapside. One New Change,WorldArchitectureNews, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, London, Urban Design