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Charterhouse opening free to the public in Jan 2017

This is good news and will be a good end to guided tours in Smithfield. Visit Us - The Charterhouse

Great Fire Doc questions whether Hubert was a Hugonaut

The Museum of London has acquired a handwritten document of evidence on the causes of the Great Fire of London. This contains the following line which suggests for the first time that Robert Hubert who was hanged for starting the Great Fire might not even have been a Catholic. It was also reported that he was not in England at the time the fire started. Rare find offers glimpse of London after the Great Fire - The Wharf : “That this Monsyer Hubert, lived a Papest & died one: all though if ever given out ye He was a Huginet....” is not found in the published versions and appears to be unique to this scribed report.

Witches' marks in Shakespeare's House

The marks, pentangles and flower like decorations made with compasses have been found in an increasing number of medieval and post-medieval timber framed buildings. They seem to stop being created when better oil based lanterns came into use. The suggestion being that darkness was a major cause of fear of ghosts and witches. The marks in Shakespeare's house are on the stairs to the cellar and might have been created after Shakespeare's time when the house was a pub. Witches' marks: public asked to seek ancient scratchings in buildings | Culture | The Guardian