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The Celebrated Murderer - SARAH MALCOLM

Fascinating murder that took place in 18th Century Fleet Street SARAH MALCOLM

Stonehenge Alignment

Stonehenge Sun Temple ~ June 21 - YouTube

No Man's Land Pubs

The pub's in No man Land are 'Jack Straws Castle which is sadly closed down and turned into luxury apartments, although Spaniard's Inn is nearby and still open. In Chalk Farm is the Red Bull. I cannot find any pub with that name in the area, the closest is the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town. However, Sheila Hancock says Pinter never went to the pub. So maybe its a fruitless search. No Man's Land (play) - Wikipedia

Open Education - Free courses

I'm taking the 12 Apps of Christmas - apps for use to help teaching. Blackboard Learn

Story Maps: Hemingway in Idaho

This is an app which allows you to use maps as a navigation device - or as an adjunct to a story. Quite interesting although I guess you could do this without the app as a web site or app. Not sure what it offers over other technology. Pointed out to me by CSM MANE students. The Amazonian Travels of Richard Evans Schultes Here is one with a literary theme Hemingway in Idaho