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Ipad games at the BM

How to engage kids at the BM Gamar app with the British Museum game featured on BBC London News - YouTube

Stonehenge stones in Wales date to 3200 BC

So what happened to the stones for 300 years before being erected at Stonehenge?  This confirms the evidence on bluestones (motice.tenor, tongue and groove joints) which show that the Bluestones were previously in another configuration. Stonehenge may have been first erected in Wales, evidence suggests | UK news | The Guardian

Rethinking the Celts: On line lectures

Rethinking the Celts: introduction - YouTube Here are a couple of videos about the issue of who are the Celts and whether it is a valid label, from a session at the European Archaeology Association conference. John Collis introduces the subject - pointing out that the term 'Celt' is very contested and means many different things. Rethinking the Celts: introduction - list= PLBjeGwwG0rtQFVwmvhWBYuojFOjVV e4qM Raimond Karl robostly asserts that the use of the term 'Celt' is simply a label and therefore perfectly appropriate to use. Fundamentally flawed logic: the question of 'Celtic ethnicity’ - list= PLBjeGwwG0rtQFVwmvhWBYuojFOjVV e4qM 'The session abstract Collis - Over the last thirty years there has been a major rethink among prehistoric archaeologists which has seen a fundamental change in how we study the Ancient Celts and the paradigms that lie behind our work (so

Free Online Animated GIF Maker & Video Maker - Make A GIF or Video Easily

I used this to create animation of my daughters graduation. Free and no download needed. Free Online Animated GIF Maker & Video Maker - Make A GIF or Video Easily

Eating the Collection

Normally, museum ethics suggest that the safety of the Collection is a paramount objective of  a Museum. Here, according to the article, the Sunken Steamboat museum allow the occasional tasting of the  Collection - preserved food in glass jars as fresh as when the boat sank. What was Found (and still edible) inside a 150 year-old Sunken Steamboat | Messy Nessy Chic