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Peasants Revolt Walk

I am doing a peasants revolt walk for London walks on bank holiday monday at 2.30, Aldgate tube. Its a great walk - following in the footsteps of Wat the Tyler and all.

Myths and Legends Walk

I did a Myths and Legends and Archaeology walk for London walks at the weekend - got loads of walkers and really enjoyed the revision and research. Quite an interesting topic and one which I should probably write up. I became interested in the idea of a Palladium for the first time - Bran's head, the Ravens, Vortimer, Cadwallo's burials at London gates, all protecting the City/Country from invasion. Blurb Myths, Legends and the Archaeology of London The walk looks at the myths and legends of London in light of archaeological discoveries. Was London founded by King Brutus? Is King Belinus buried at Billingsgate? The myths of the origins of London will be explored and the archaeology explained.

The Long Walk - London history Complete

THE LONG WALK Saturday 31st May at 10am A Complete History of London - all in one day! This guided walk is led by Kevin Flude, Director of the Old Operating Theatre Museum, and expert leader of Guided Walks. The walk will weave through the City and Southwark, discovering each period of London's History - beginning with the origins of the name Londinium and ending in Bankside, London's newest cultural quarter. ITINERARY Origins of London 10am Tower Hill Underground Saxon and Medieval London 12 Guildhall Art Gallery Tudor and Stuart London 2.30pm St Bartholemew's Church, Smithfield Georgian and Victorian London 4.30pm St Brides Church, Fleet Street Modern London 7.00pm Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub The Walk begins at Tower Hill Underground Station at 10am and ends at 8.30pm in a pub on Bankside. Cost: £15 for the complete day or £7 per session. To book, please visit: Alternatively, participants are welcome to

English Spoken in Pre-Roman Britain? - Topic Powered by eve community

Interesting if heated discussion on the date of the introduction of English into the English Language English Spoken in Pre-Roman Britain?

Shock and gore ... The top medical museums | the Daily Mail

The Old Operating Theatre Museum is mentioned as one of the top medical museums to visit in the Daily Mail Shock and gore ... The top medical museums | the Daily Mail