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Only Secretary of State ‘call-in’ can stop Soho demolition now - The Victorian Society

I am really disappointed that the new Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has  allowed the  Soho demolition. London is not Singapore, we need a diverse mix of modern and old and in areas like this too many of the buildings that have some distinctiveness about them are going. I thought Boris Johnstone was much to blame and I am very, very disappointed that Khan has not put up a signal that he will do things differently. We need to save London not destroy it. The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government should ‘call-in’ the demolition of a chunk of a Soho conservation area which includes the former Foyles building.   

Show Don't Tell say Creative Writing Tutors

Well I suspect that Zadie Smith Nick Hornby Martin amis Orhan Pamuk Jane Austen Margaret Attwood E.F. Benson Evelyn Waugh do a lot of telling.  

Hull Heritage betrayed - listed building is rejected | Hull Daily Mail

Hull has been let down. Firstly, if Heritage England reject a listing they should make a strong case for its retention on the grounds of local diversity. Secondly, the people of Hull will be better served by a range of buildings both new and old. Braves Hall is a positive feature in the town. Bid to make Victorian Braves Hall in Hull a listed building is rejected | Hull Daily Mail