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I submitted Annual Return for the Charity Commission

Very exciting day as I managed to submit our annual return to the Charity Commission on time - an improvement on recent years. Afterwards I went to the Museum to give a walk to a group of doctors from all over the world - it was a small group but they were very interested so very pleasant. Ended up with a tour of the Museum. Charity Commission Homepage

Gin and Vice in Georgian England

This is a good chance to see the Benjamin Franklin Museum * Gin and Vice in Georgian England: Decadence and Enlightenment (Benjamin Franklin House) Education Manager Rob Taylor talks about the rise in Mother Gin and her subsequent abuse in the alleys of London in the Age of Enlightenment. on Monday, 26 January at 13:00:00 More details: -- If you do not want to receive any more newsletters, To update your preferences and to unsubscribe visit -- Powered by PHPlist, --

Mayor of London - Story of London

This is the next big festival of history and a forerunner to Olympic cultural events. Mayor of London - Story of London

Proof Reading

I am having a copy of my 'In their own words' reprinted. It is a 46 page booklet on the origins of london. I'd quite like another proof read of the document before I send to printer. Would anyone like to volunteer? Kevin Flude -- If you do not want to receive any more newsletters, To update your preferences and to unsubscribe visit -- Powered by PHPlist, --


Work from THIS FATAL SUBJECT A WELLCOME TRUST ARTS AWARD FUNDED PROJECT by Gordon Museum Artists in Residence, visual artist Susan Aldworth wax sculptor Eleanor Crook, and Writer in Residence, poet Valerie Laws Confronting age-old taboos around the pathology of the body and its dissolution, poet/performer Valerie Laws, visual artist/film maker Susan Aldworth and wax sculptor Eleanor Crook explore and even celebrate the terrible beauty of the dying process, down to cellular level. Uniquely, they focus on the physiological events rather than the emotional or psychological effects; paradoxically, they hope the result will inform both medical professionals and the wider public and deepen understanding of 'this fatal subject.' This is an exploration and description of the process and physiology of dying. A collaboration between visual art, poetry and science that will reveal the interdependence of living and dying at a cellular level and its consequence

Museum Survival Guide

This is how to beat the recession american style. AAM: AAM Museum Survival Guide

Video of the Butchers Shop at the Operating Theatre Museum

Here is a short video of the editing evenings called the Butcher's shop that 'Bad Idea' Magazine are running at the Museum James Nash Comics and Illustration - Home

London Museums Group

To the Society of Antiquaries for London Museum Group meeting. Mostly taken up by the Mayor's Cultural Policy. We are preparing our own response. Funny how the mayor is always first name: Ken, Boris Blair, Brown, Bush, Obama Strange that. Study London web site mentioned - This is a web site for those wishing to study in London - might be useful for Museums seeking to increase contacts with museums and gain more visitors Study London: the OFFICIAL website for universities in London In the morning I went to CSM to a Crit on the Lighting Project, interesting how the groups have all managed to hone down their projects into more or less practical projects.

Tourism, Museums and Visit London

Interesting meeting at MLA, London round table meeting on how to make Tourism work for Museums. Main issue for the museums around the table seems to be the fact that Visit London does not work for us - too expensive for too little return, we feel. What is astonishing is that only about 20 museums in London (and c 10 nationals) are members! This is a breath-taking, and must be fuel to ask Boris to make sure that Visit London does something to help outer London Museums. Before that I went to UCL to give talk on basic design for web sites. Very good short talk by Donna Haugh who can pack a lot in in a short time!. Afterwards to CSM for education project I am managing for CSM in conjunction with Camden Council, Sir John Soane Museum, Foundling Museum, Hunterian Museum and the British Museum. Quite a good crit, the museum staff all very good and the students have just done enough preliminary work to make it a success.

Upcoming Walks and Lectures

May 1 Myths and Legends of London - A May Day Special! 10.30 am Tower Hill Tube May 1 Radical London - Peasants' Revolt to Karl and Co. 2.30 pm St. Paul's Tube, exit 2 May 30 Archaeology of the City The Eastern Half 10.45am Tower Hill June 13 The Peasants' Revolt Anniversary Walk 10.45 am Aldgate East June 27 Archaeology of the City - The Western Half 10.45 am St. Paul's exit 2 Sept. 26 Archaeology of the City - Fleet Street and the Strand 10.45 am St. Paul's exit 2 Oct. 31 Myths and Legends of the City - A Halloween Special! 10.45 am Tower Hill Tube * The Alfred Hitchcock London Locations Walk (Sandra Shevey Talks) Sandra Shevey`s magical 3-hour tour of Alfred Hitchcock`s London locations every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday year-round. on Monday, 19 January at 11:00:00 More details: * The Society of Arts and museums in the 19th century. The devious hand of Henry Cole (Victoria and

Hard Week !

This has been a hard week to get through - I'm coughing like a consumptive, still not sleeping properly, and have a savage sore throat - fed up with third week of illness. I've managed to get into work each day but its been hard! Tuesday my turn as a UCL honorary lecturer began and first day of the Digitisation course went well. Then I met up to discuss the Hunterian project I am involved for CSM. Then to see my CSM students Work in Progress Show. Next to the Old Operating Theatre museum for my Trustees meeting which took place in the Crypt of St Thomas Churc - all going well! Exhausted at end of the day. Wednesday to Crits to discuss Work in Progress Show - pretty good by and large and the crit method - dividing up into smaller groups works really well. Football - score two goals Thursday, can relax a little, but have to go to Bryans to finalise accounts for Cultural Heritage Information Consultants. Then to Dentist in Richmond, home for some work and to Simon and Ma

On Purpose Conceptual Guided Walk pdf

Here is a pdf of the On Purpose guided walk which I undertook at the Embankment Galleries on the behest of Abake. AbakeOnPurpose.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Beware - copyright police are chasing you!

This article was shown to me by Suzanne Keene and gives a good reason for checking copyright of images that are used on the web. Wendy M Grossman on the heavy-handed tactics picture agencies use when pursuing payment | Technology | The Guardian

King Lucius of Britain by David J. Knight

New book about King Lucius claims he was real. Oxbow Books - King Lucius of Britain by David J. Knight : "King Abgarus of Edessa"

Images of the Restoration Works at St Thomas Church

I set up a photo album of images from the restoration work at the Old Operating Theatre Museum. I think I really should write a memoire of the long long saga of the building works and the Jubilee Line. Restoration Works at St Thomas Church