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Stonehenge new visitor centre

First visit to the new Stonehenge visitor experience. A work in progress, partly it seems like a building site and as you arrive by shuttle to the old visitor centre (now buried) nothing much seems to have changed except that it has taken an extra 30 minutes to arrive her. There is ofcourse a new interpretation centre with Cafe, shop and exhibition.  The Exhibition has some impressive graphics which give some idea of being inside the Circle. But it neither provides a spiritual or evocative experience nor an intellectual engagement.  The interpretation seems  aimed at a low level, no real discussion of the archaeological arguments.  Aimed squarely at the person who is vaguely interested.  Also rather surprised that it is grant aided - surely the government should not be bleeding grant funds for things it ought to be funding directly? Stonehenge new centre leads to English Heritage being criticised by members of the public on TripAdvisor | Western Daily Press

Ruin & Reputation in Georgian England - No1 Royal Crescent

This is a really good exhibition of portraits (Mezzotints) of Georgian women - from Duchesses to Prostitutes.  Great pictures and the text is also good.  Worth a visit. Exhibitions | No1 Royal Crescent