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Hop Picking Photographs | Spitalfields Life

Great pictures of Londoners having a whale of a time in Kent picking hops. Hop Picking Photographs | Spitalfields Life

The Book Wheel

Just so you don't lose your place!   Prints | The Æsthetic Antiquarian | Page 6

Great Exhibition of the North

Could not exactly find out what this policy was but there is to be a Great Exhibition of the north.  Verity to lead ‘Great Exhibition of the North’ - Prolific North : It also announced that Sir Gary Verity, the man who brought the Tour de France to Yorkshire, had been appointed to take forward the previously announced Great Exhibition of the North, which will celebrate the great art, design and culture of the North. A total of £5m has been committed.

The Franks Casket:hengist and horsa

This is an article which suggests that the Franks Casket in the BM should be interpreted as a celebration of Hengist and Horsa, founders of England. The Franks Casket: A Tribute to the Founding and Destiny of England

Celts – Art and Identity review of the British Museum Exhibition

This was both a stunning triumph and a very poor exhibition.  The Art is amazing - to see the Gundestrup Cauldron close up more than paid for the entry fee.  But if you are really hoping for an rigorous discussion of who the Celts are/were/may have been, this is not the place. The introduction is ok, but the end of the exhibition is soggy, it drifts into an unconvincing tokenistic foray into the Celts - a green Celtic Football shirt in a case here; a video of various Irish Dancers and Celtic festivals there, a bit of Romantic Badoltry here.  If it were an essay I'd tell them to go away and make the second half work, and they'd only get a B- for the first half. Ofcourse, for the collection of objects they get an A*, although I would then mark them down for leaving the Prehistoric Gallery upstairs in the British Museum, devastated.  This is to my mind unforgivable. They spend thousands on an international exhibition and upstairs they leave empty cases with nothing in  them. 

Converting files for archive purposes

As I  had over all my old Word Processing files to the Museum Archive, I have had to convert the old Word Perfect files into Word I used Doxillion to do it. Very easy to use. Now I need to find something to tranlate GreenStreet DTP flles. Document Converter Software. Convert Word PDF WPS ODT etc. Free Download

Stonehenge Begins to Yield Its Secrets - The New York Times

This is a very good summary of the discoveries at Blick Mead and Stonehenge. Stonehenge Begins to Yield Its Secrets - The New York Times

After London - Celebrating the life and works of Richard Jefferies

Richard Jefferies wrote a book called "After London" which is one of the world's first Post-Apocalyptic novels . It inspired John Wyndham and John Fowles. BBC magazine refered to "Dead London" but I can find no trace of this so I think this is a description of Chapter 22 Part 2 of After London which describes the ruined City. Anyway there is a Museum, near Swindon and a Writer's Prize.   Celebrating the life and works of Richard Jefferies

Story Structure - is it a straitjacket or a means to a liberating end?

John Yorke  in 'Into the Woods' How stories work and why we tell them' quotes from Guillermo Del Toro:. 'You have to liberate people from film Theory not give them a corset in which they have to fit their story, they lifes, their emotions, the way they feel about the world. Our curse is that the film industry is 80% run by the half informed. You have people who have read Joseph Campbell and Robert McKee and now they're talking to you about the Hero's Journey, and you want to f****** cut off their dick and stuff it in their mouth.' "Guillermo Del Toro echoes the thoughts of writers and filmmakers, there's an ingrained  belief that for many that to study structure is implicitly a betrayal of their genius,  its where  mediocrities seek a substitute muse." Yorke, I think, takes the contrary view and the book is mostly about said structure.  But it echoes my thoughts about people who say that there are only 7 basic plots in all

Cambridge historian and Oxford publisher under scrutiny over claim made in Dickens book | Fitzrovia News

Personally, I think that Ruth simple did not know of these books.  Not a conspiracy. Cambridge historian and Oxford publisher under scrutiny over claim made in Dickens book | Fitzrovia News

A review of my walk around Londinium

A review of one of my walks Londinium loses its monopoly on power | Past In The Present