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Maggs beneath the Covers

This is an exhibition in a antiquarian bookshop, but it also allows the exploration of a Georgian Townhouse. '21st September - 21st December 2012 Maggs Bros Ltd, 50 Berkeley Square, London W1J 5BA It is an unprecedented opportunity for artists to work with unusual and rare books, explore a rich seam of heritage and offer the public a glimpse of previously unseen areas of Maggs's historic Georgian buildings.' Maggs beneath the Covers

Discover Hackney · Partners

Discover Hackney · Partners

Boris Johnson condemns historic MarketPlace

I've never really had a clear idea of what Boris Johnson does - but this shows the pernicious effect he has: Salon 285 (Society of Antiquities reports:) 'Spitalfields: yes to redevelopment of London Fruit and Wool Exchange Just being in favour of culture does not mean that decisions are easy to make about London’s historic buildings. Last week the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, gave the green light to the redevelopment of the London Fruit and Wool Exchange in Spitalfields, much to the dismay of local people, who had submitted 800 letters of objection, and of leading London historians and architectural champions such as Dan Cruickshank and Ptolemy Dean and our Fellows Simon Jenkins, Gavin Stamp and Marcus Binney, all of whom had campaigned for the retention of the existing 1929 building, arguing that it should be used for small business premises and independent enterprises that are in keeping with the character of Spitalfields. Boris Johnson stepped i

Getting On, with Joanna Scanlan & Vicki Pepperdine » The Cinema Museum, London

Really interesting event at the Cinema Museum Getting On, with Joanna Scanlan & Vicki Pepperdine » The Cinema Museum, London

Museums in 2020 - MA vision

This is the summary of the Museum's Associations vision for 2020 This is the link to the full document

SMARTER Targets - A note on improving the SMART targets methodology.

The SMART methodology is often used to ensure that targets are set which are  measurable and attainable. However,  SMART does not address  whether project outcomes are worth attaining or relevant to an organisation's mission. This short note suggests  adopting a SMARTER approach. SMART is usually presented as being an acronym for: S – specific M – measurable A - achievable R – realistic T – time-based There are variants on the system: S - specific, significant, stretching M - measurable, meaningful, motivational A - agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented R - realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented T - time-based, timely, tangible, trackable 1 Clearly, the success of the SMART methodology is in the acronym which is both easy to remember and relevant to the targets – outcomes thus defined are indeed smart. However, the SMART system, leaves out 2 major vital components that are not addressed. Th