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The Archaeology of the Rise & Fall of Roman London Walk

Today, I am leading a London Walks' walk on Roman London. I intend to read a lot of Ovid and Martial.

Tunnel Boat Trips from London Canal Museum

the Tunnel was built in 1820 - sadly without a towpath - which is really annoying for all the cyclists wishing to travel safely from Islington to Camden. Tunnel Boat Trips from London Canal Museum

William Morris Gallery wins Art Fund Prize for Museum of the Year | Culture | The Guardian

This is a surprise but I do think it has made the place a really good visit - not entirely sure I felt I was in Morris's home but then they avoided the option of creating a pastiche, and museum, park and cafe are really well worth a visit William Morris Gallery wins Art Fund Prize for Museum of the Year | Culture | The Guardian

Jane Austen, and getting wet

Jane Austen was right: Her characters were known for falling ill... but historians say 19th century people WERE prone to disease | Mail Online Other articles culture/books/10105843/Solved- Why-Jane-Austens-characters- get-ill-from-the-rain.html   http://www. science/whats-on/2013/pride- prejudice-and-the-doctor/ uk/people/profile/?personid= 1765

Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy Tour

I have just received a most gratifying email from one of the people on my Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy Tour It says: 'I've sent off a rave review of your knowledge and guiding skills to Road Scholar and ordered two of your books.  I'm appreciative of Road Scholar choosing you as our literary mentor on the Literature on Site southwest England trip recently completed.   What is most impressive from my point of view is that it is from a professor of English and of Women's Studies '   The tour takes in Steventon, Bath, Wincester, and Chawton. The Hardy Section is based in Dorchester and visits the Birthplace, Max Gate, Stinsford, Puddleton, Sherborne, Marnhull, Sturminster Newton, Maiden Castle, Maumbury Rings and Dorchester. In between we spend a couple of days with Agatha Christie in Torquay, and on Dartmoor with Sherlock Holmes.  We end with a Dickens and Holmes Day in London Exhausting but very rewarding.

Temple of Mithras - British Pathé

Showing the Temple of Mitras 1954 ROMAN TEMPLE IN THE CITY aka ROMAN TEMPLE IN LONDON - British Pathé