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The Old Operating Theatre Museum in the London Museums at Night 2011

London Museums at Night 2011

BBC News - 'Oliver Twist' Strand Union Workhouse gets listing

They saw sense at last! BBC News - 'Oliver Twist' Strand Union Workhouse gets listing

writing's on the wall: SHOUT

People talking about the 6am Graffiti bike ride writing's on the wall: SHOUT

Museum of London in redundancy row | Museums Association

Discussion of the Cuts at the Museum of London - a 50% in History Curators is mooted. Museum of London in redundancy row | Museums Association

Think Mobile — Media Trust

Presentations by Google on the subject of making sites good for mobiles Think Mobile — Media Trust

Church Farm Museum - another victim of the Big Society

Conservatives are, I think, are getting rid of the one professional involved and hoping to run in on the cheap as an entirely volunteer run operation. 99% is ....... The Barnet Eye: Church Farm Museum - more details on Barnet Councils act of vandalism

Writing's on the wall - cycle ride around East End Street Art

Great cycle tour through east end backstreet looking at some of the amazing graffiti!!/photo.php?fbid=10150197131820410&set=a.10150197129005410.371047.769180409&theater writing's on the wall

Threads of feeling The Foundling Museum Exhibition

What a great Collection - 5000 pieces of fabric which were used just in case a mother wanted to identify her child in years to come - in fact only 150ish of 16000 ever came back, but such poignancy just in a snippet of cloth. This is on of those exhibitions which shows why people visit museums rather than reading the book or watching the documentary. The Foundling Museum – Temporary Exhibitions

New video for the Old Operating Theatre Museum by Simona Piantiera

Just managed to load up Simona's video she kindly did for the Museum as a free add on to the Medicine at the Movies project. It is designed to encourage people to visit the Museum Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret Web Site

Gabriel Orozco at Tate Modern

Really enjoyable exhibition. Orozco has a marvelous ability to edit - his photographs are stunning pictures of the nothing much, his sculptures really thoughtful and visually arresting, and his hangings are all beautifully executed and reward study. Visually and intellectually rewarding. Tate Modern| Current Exhibitions | Gabriel Orozco

Theatre @ The Old Operating Theatre | Londonist

Whose Blood play at the Old Operating Theatre Museum review. 'Whose Blood could easily have been one of those “bringing the story to life” museum attractions, using jobbing actors and a hastily compiled script to enhance the visitor experience. But Alex Burger’s script, Karena Johnson’s direction and the excellent performances of the cast elevate Whose Blood beyond this. Whose Blood is a moving, touching, thought-provoking piece of theatre' Theatre Review: Whose Blood @ The Old Operating Theatre | Londonist

So its begun already! - Re-introduction of admission charges at National Maritime Museum

Sooner than expected the Conservatives have managed to reintroduce museum charges. The NMM remains free as does the astronomy galleries at the Royal Observatory but surely this is a sign of things to come. Watch this space while the rest follow suit over the next couple of years. Re-introduction of admission charges to Flamsteed House and the Meridian Courtyard : Press office & news : About us : NMM

Museum of London Cuts - cutting the Prehistoric and Roman Curators

The museum of London is proposing to cut (or not fill) 3 major curatorial posts in the prehistoric, roman and medieval aspects of the collection. The Museum has a collection of international importance and cutting the early departments of such a high proportion of its senior staff is a short sighted disaster.