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Jane Austen's Bath

I was asked to keep a blog of my literary tour.  So here goes. Jane Austen's Bath.  She didn't like the place - she would find it weird that we now revere it on her behalf.  The local Waterstone's has a long shelf stuffed with books based on the afterlife of her characters.  What Darcy, Elizabeth, Caroline, Emma etc did next.  There is a Jane Austen attraction in a house which she never lived in.  I'm up at 5, as I cannot sleep in my big Hilton Room, because we seem to have decided to sell our house,  and I have a Lecture on Gilpin, Austen and Landscape to revise (or remember!).  Did I mention that there were no biscuits in this Hotel room?

Dynamic Map of Europe: 1000 AD to present day

Watch Empires ebb and flow! This is really interesting - as my friend Jon  says it needs a time display and it needs a slow down button - Map of Europe: 1000 AD to present day