East End London Walk - Hoxton, Shoreditch, Spitalfields

I did an evening guided walk for Opus, Hoxton.

It was an evening guided pub walk and I really enjoyed the Hoxton and Shoreditch research - as this is an area I didn't know that well - but which was really interesting.

Route was

Old Street - introduction to the area - Roman Roads and City Fringes
Hoxton Square - Fields, Catholic Country Houses and the Gunpowder Plot - to Square, industrial Hoxton to post modern loft life.

Coronet Street

Power and Light from Dust - the electricity Generator that is now Circus Space

Charlotte Street
Rivington Street
Industrial Shoreditch and the amazing Rivington Street Transformer

Curtain Road - home of London's original Theatres - the Theatre and the Curtain - Shakespeare, Ben Jonson and Christoper Marlowe

Great Eastern Street - amazing 1870's Furniture showrooms.

Worship Road - Philip Webb cottages

Folgate Street - Dennis Severs House and Marlowe accused of murder
Shoreditch High Street - Variety Theatres
Hanbury Street - Jack the Ripper murder and the Brewery

Wilkes Road - Weavers

Fournier Street - Weavers, Hawksmoor and Gilbert and George
Brick Lane - Bangla Town

Princelet Street - Museum of Refugees
Spellman Street
Heneage Road

Pride of Spittalfields pub

Fashion street

Spitalfields Market - Jack theRipper Murder
Bishopsgate - Roman Gate
St Ethelburga's - the blown away medieval pub

Leadenhall Street - Roman Forum

Leadenhall Market

It was really too long and should have ended at the Pride of Spitalfields in Heeage Street - but really gave a great slice of East End History.

I must do it again.


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