The Long Walk - London's complete history in a day

I have had a very busy month and not had time to keep up the blog, but one thing I did achieve this month was to organise a rather amazing all day long London Walk for Museums and Galleries Month. It was the complete history of London in one day - we started at Tower hill and Walk all day around the city and Fleet Street ending at 8.30.

I was fairly knackered by that time.

Each walk worked really well as a walk - not entirely sure whether I nailed each period/epoch in London's history completely. The need to get to the starting point of the next section meant sometimes had no time for summarising!

But otherwise a great success - we had 20 - 30 people on all sections except the evening section, and made some £425 for the Old Operating Theatre Museum fund.

This is one of several emails I have received:

Dear Kevin
'Thank you so much for the amazing walk around the City on Saturday. We did the whole day and my wife and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. You brought things to life so vividly and your vast knowledge was just incredible to hear. We have friends visiting from Brazil in the next month and will now show off our now impressive knowledge!

Thanks again and we hope to be able to come along on another one in the near future.'


Complete History of London - all in one day!

This guided walk is led by Kevin Flude, Director of the Old Operating Theatre Museum,

and expert leader of Guided Walks. The walk will weave through the City and Southwark,

discovering each period of London's History -

beginning with the origins of the name Londinium and ending in Bankside, London's newest cultural quarter.


Origins of London 10am Tower Hill Underground
Saxon and Medieval London 12 Guildhall Art Gallery
Tudor and Stuart London 2.30pm St Bartholemew's Church, Smithfield
Georgian and Victorian London 4.30pm St Brides Church, Fleet Street
Modern London 7.00pm Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub


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