MLA cuts concern Museums Association

Mark Taylor of the Museums Association expresses some concern at the impact of the MLA cuts and the new regional strategy. To me the cuts are a consequence of the Renaissance strategy - having HUBS and MLA regions can be seen by simple minded funders as being duplication so one can cut one and hope the other takes up the slack. I see this as a direct result of a wrong headed and muddled strategy that Mark Taylor was a strong advocate for. On the otherhand he is a least making his voice heard.

From a museums perspective, what we wanted was the continuation of the good work done by the Area Museum Councils - which were membership organisations, close to the Museums they served. Renaissance, has seen, the abolition of the Area Museum Councils and replaced them with an increasingly austere MLA regime, now devoid of a coherent regional strategy, and the HUB system which, has been up to now, a bureaucratic nightmare.

In London, MLA has done a superb job keeping and developing the area museum service type service in conjunction with a hub that also has seen this is a priority. As a reward for the good work of the MLA, London it gets cut by a third - it is madness.

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