Tories want a US style philantropy culture for UK Museums

The Tories, according to Salon IFA are hoping to move UK museums into a US style culture dependent upon charity rather than public funding.

Salon 227 reports:

'No quick fix for arts funding

An incoming Conservative Government would introduce a ‘mixed economy’ for museums, according to speeches made recently by Shadow Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt. ‘We want to lay the foundations of an American philanthropy culture’, he told a recent ‘State of the Arts’ conference: ‘We would offer five years of funding in return for a commitment to build up endowments, so developing a philanthropy culture.’

Museum and gallery directors have received the idea with caution, warning that ‘it doesn’t take five years to build up endowments; it takes twenty to thirty years of sustained effort and investment’. Arts and Business, which acts as a marriage broker between business sponsors and needy arts organisations, warned that there has been a 7 per cent fall in private investment in arts in the UK this year, and that an estimated 10,000 arts organisations have ceased operating over the last twelve months.


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