The Walls of Bath

Medieval Walls Burrough walls - just by junction with Trim Street. The circuit presumable follows the line of the late Roman Walls - a piece of which was foundin 2013 in Burton St. 
BBC News - Sewer workers in Bath reveal part of Roman city's walls

The wall circuit is fairly obvious from any street map but it is as follows

Borough walls - east to Bridge Street. Turnns South just before Pulteney Bridge  (east Gate was here and some remains here to be seen).

Goes south through the east end of the Butter Market, East of the Orange Grove,  an angle at Terrace Walk.  It runs SW just to and parallel to Orchard Street

Turns west at junction with Henry Street. Southgate at junction of Southgate Street and Stall Street - this was the main road out as the only bridge until Pulteney Bridge was on this road.

Wall heading west along south side of Lower Borough Walls , beginning to head north along Westgate Buildings, wall to the West of the the Road.

Westgate at end of Westgate Street.

Wall continues north up Upper Westgate Buildings and into Saw Close, below the Theatre and turns east at the Junction of Borough Walls. North Gate I assume is at Union Street.


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