Celts – Art and Identity review of the British Museum Exhibition

This was both a stunning triumph and a very poor exhibition.  The Art is amazing - to see the Gundestrup Cauldron close up more than paid for the entry fee.  But if you are really hoping for an rigorous discussion of who the Celts are/were/may have been, this is not the place. The introduction is ok, but the end of the exhibition is soggy, it drifts into an unconvincing tokenistic foray into the Celts - a green Celtic Football shirt in a case here; a video of various Irish Dancers and Celtic festivals there, a bit of Romantic Badoltry here.  If it were an essay I'd tell them to go away and make the second half work, and they'd only get a B- for the first half.

Ofcourse, for the collection of objects they get an A*, although I would then mark them down for leaving the Prehistoric Gallery upstairs in the British Museum, devastated.  This is to my mind unforgivable. They spend thousands on an international exhibition and upstairs they leave empty cases with nothing in  them.  I've rarely seen anything so bad in any museum I have visited.  And this is the British Museum!

Celts – Art and Identity review: an unintentional resurrection | Jonathan Jones | Art and design | The Guardian


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