Disabled consultant

June Bretherton - a consultant re disabled access - she gave recent seminar on disabled access for MLA, London. She seems very willing to advise using her experience and is a good sounding board to run ideas by. She also has contacts of people who can act as testers and advisors.

Since writing this - I have sent her our various web sites and she has got her team to go through them and offer advice as to how they work for the blind.

Very helpful people.

JBC - London
T: 020 8521 4325


Anonymous said…
You might want to take a look at this unique wheelchair lift system http://www.wheelchairaccess.co.uk The System is imbedded into a staircase turning it into a retracting set of stairs that reveal a platform lift / disabled lift for wheelchair access. These stairs can be clad in the same existing material or whatever material required, from carpet to marble. Internal/External access, perfect even for listed buildings.

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