Kings Cross Regeneration CSM project

The Creative Practice for Narrative Environments student project on the Kings Cross regeneration scheme had its final crit yesterday at Regeneration House (site HQ of the developers - Argent). The project was to come up with ideas for Granary Square which is the central space in the project. The new Central St Martin's building and then residential to the north and Office and retail to the South of the Regents Canal. The square is therefore an important probably crucial component of the entire scheme.

As usual the first year did some first rate research and came up with some really excellent ideas. The main ideas seemed to make the space into a smart space - either by use of WiFi or multimedia/installations to turn the square into a playful arena of dreams, role playing, game playing and storytelling, or by providing the square with an infrastructure of elements that would enable it to be a flexible space that could be used for events, exhibitions, cat walk shows, and major events such as opera. Just one example - a Nintendo Wi style game played on mobile phones which will have people fishing in the canal using their mobile phones. I liked the terms - 'experience archaeology' and 'experience anthropology' as in the use of the word experience in 'experience economy'.


smallcaps said…
glad you liked the presentations, Kevin! it was really a pleasure to do the kings cross project. i really felt that every group had sound concepts, and the panel was up to the challenge in terms of critical analysis and evaluations prescribed for the proposals. a nice way to end a good year.
Anonymous said…
this is interesting - have posted on it at my kings cross site

separately, does your ms course on narrative environments study the burgeoning local websites and how people choose to describe their own places ?


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