Putting a Sitemap on a Museum WebSite

I have been working out how to put Google acceptable sitemaps on Museum websites. Only problem is that one client has over 500 pages and most of the free sitemap generators give up at 500 pages - but I found one that copes with over 500 pages.

The process is as follows:

1. go to Google Webmaster tools

set up an account

2. Download GsiteCrawler
This copes with over 500 pages and will generate, and if you like, upload your sitemap to the internet. The sitemap generated will be called sitemap.xml. Gsitecrawler is free.

3. Back to Google webmaster tools and tell them the sitemap (called sitemap.xml) has been loaded.

This solves the google sitemap issue but does not give you a human orientated sitemap - there are other tools out there for that. The one that I have used that has the best print out is Freefind.com which I have been using for years - it automatically creates and updates your sitemap, and provides 3 versions - list, table and outline but it is not on your site and is hosted elsewhere. It is free.

What about a graphical view?

Graphviz offers an automatic version - this will work for small hierarchies but essentially a graphic view is so complicated that some people doubt it is worth doing. See the web site design guide


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