Turning the Pages - Flipping Pages on Web sites

Working on Bethlem web site - looking at ways of using an album of photographs on the Internet. but would like pages to flip.

I looked up various sites and found some interesting examples but the most perfect was:

Turning the Pages™, the British Library

This is awesome as it always a look at such items as Leonardo De Vinci's note book, or medieval Psalters and William Blake's sketchbook.

What a privilege!

I expect the British Library spent millions on it but I think I can achieve the same on a pittance.

These are the sites I found that had flipping pages some javascript, others Flash.






Keyword = ict


Anonymous said…

Thanks for your kind words about Turning the Pages. You may be interested to hear that a new version of the system, Turning the Page 2.0, was launched earlier this year and can be viewed at: www.bl.uk/ttp2/ttp2.html Turning the Pages 2.0 uses Microsoft's Vista platform to offer an enhanced experience which mimics much more closely the feeling of having a book right there in your hands, being able to view it from any angle and view it alongside other texts.

The Library is currently running a competition challenging UK public libraries to unearth the 'hidden treasures' in their collections, four of which we will convert into Turning the Pages 2.0 'virtual books' and make available online: www.bl.uk/news/2007/pressrelease20070813.html


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