London's lost centuries shrink

The finding of a late Roman burial at St Martins in the Fields nearby Saxon remains of around 500, has been said to have reduced the 'lost centuries' of the Post Roman period where we know very little about what happened in London.

The gap is now 90 years from St Martin's so-called 'Last Roman' to the Saxon remains. The gap was previously 200 years from the end of the Roman period to the beginning of the Lundenwic sequence. Before the 1980's the gap was 410AD to the late 9th Century in the City.

The findings also disturb the current models of the London Dark Age, currently, there is nothing to link Londinium with Lundenwic, except a common name - now the gap is diminished and reminds archaeologists that the data is not yet strong enough to be sure what was happening in this period - it may be that London continued throughout and there is no Dark Age break.

For information on St Martins discoveries look at:

BBC NEWS | UK | Bridging London's lost centuries


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