Saving the Penan: Community In The Rainforest

I watch Bruce Parry's Tribe yesterday about the Penan - it was very moving about how their nomadic lifestyle is being ruined by the loggers.

On Wade Davies web site is the following message from the Penan

Not long ago, we were happy.
Things were good.
Our fish were clean. Our food was pure.
Our way of life staying in the forest was good.

As things are now, we are in difficulty.
The land is being destroyed.
Many open places.

These plants are our medicines.
If we ask for medicines from the government,
they give us Panadol. It is already spoiled.
The more we take, the sicker we become.
This is what we don't like.

We are content to stay on this land,
to make our shelters in this forest.
This is a good life.
But if all these trees are gone,
there is no longer a way for us to stay here.

Trees that are cut down were once
the shelter of hornbill,
the home of gibbons,
the home of langur,
the home of every single kind of animal
that lives up high.
Where is their home now?
Gone. Finished!

I wanted to talk with the police about land to save for us to stay alive.
They don't want to talk. They arrest me.
People who go to talk, go to jail.

The government says we are animals,
- like animals in the forest.
We are not animals in the forest.
We are Penan. Humans.
I myself know I am human.

We want to see the land preserved - a very large area.
Up to how many acres? Up to how many acres?
Up to how many acres?
To enable hornbill,
to enable deer,
to enable pig,
- so they will have a way to stay.

Wade Davis - The Penan: Community In The Rainforest

What you can do

Reduce or eliminate your consumption of tropical wood products. If you purchase wood, look for Forest Stewardship Council certified wood.

Write to:

Malaysia Malaysian Consulate in London, United Kingdom
High Commission of Malaysia, London send edits
45 Belgrave Square
London SW1X 8QT
City: London
Phone: +442072358033
Fax: +442072355161


this is one place a donation might help - let me know if you find others.


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