Instaling Software on the eec pc

I've just been looking at installing the Gimp on my EEC Pc also keen to load Free mind mind mapping software. But looking at the posts it makes you despair of linux. They say things like

Add repositories

then type in apt something or other

Then they say it may not give your permissions so you'll have to use sudo.

If you follow the links to repositories - I assume you need to put in some file a list of places to look for installations, it then says scary things like

You must only use xandros 4 repositories or else you will break you eec if you use debian sources.

At this point you give up - and think windows is a wonderful think.

In windows you can download a file clic on and you can be pretty much sure it will run.

Not so it would seem with linux - you have to manually place the repository in some archane file in the etc bin, you have to check you have a safe repository, you then have to run several programmes from the command line.

this will so put off most normal mortals. I get the impression the linux people really don't care because they know how to do this stuff and so it makes them different from the rest of us - who just want a quiet life and to get a bit of software running wthout all this tremendous hassle.

Sadly, seems to me that the open source community will suffer if it does not sort this out - certainly I shall not buy linux again until I feel i safely load and download software easily.

And I was so pleased to say goodbye to Windows rip off.


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