Philistine conservative threat to London Fire brigade’s Museum

Brian Coleman, Boris Johnson's new Fire Authority Chairman, has threatened the closure of the London fire Brigade Museum. He shows a complete ignorance of the importance of the Museum, compared to the piffling savings that are on offer. What he ignores is the fact that it is not just the Museum that is an important part of Heritage it is also the Southwark site itself which is the home of London's first fire brigade, and has associations with heroic fire fighters Massey Shaw and James Braidwood.

If this is the cliched thinking we can expect from the Tories, heaven help us.

made breathtakingly ignorant statements about the
Fire brigade’s Southwark training centre and museum under threat [7 September 2008]


Anonymous said…
Brian Coleman aka Mr Toad has GOT to go!:
Anonymous said…
Just another example of how our so called masters have no conception of the thinking and needs and never mind the history, of local communities, what a selfish lot politicians are.aqhnzpj

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