King Lucius of Britain by David J. Knight

New book about King Lucius claims he was real. Oxbow Books - King Lucius of Britain by David J. Knight: "King Abgarus of Edessa"


Anonymous said…
Sorry, the existence of King Lucius of Britain was refuted by Adolf Harnack 100 years ago. In Britain nobody ever heard of King Lucius until Bede (died 735). Also, see article in Publications of the Medieval Assn. of the Midwest. vol. 10, 2003. "British King Lucius, the Grail, and Joseph of Arimathea."
Fr James said…
David J. Knight, archeologist, scholar, and historian, demonstrates that Harnack's supposed refutation is fatally flawed, that King Lucius is not the creation of a scibal error, and that it is entirely possible that he indeed existed. See _King Lucius of Britain_, Tempus Publishers, 2008.

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