Hard Week !

This has been a hard week to get through - I'm coughing like a consumptive, still not sleeping properly, and have a savage sore throat - fed up with third week of illness. I've managed to get into work each day but its been hard!

Tuesday my turn as a UCL honorary lecturer began and first day of the Digitisation course went well. Then I met up to discuss the Hunterian project I am involved for CSM. Then to see my CSM students Work in Progress Show.

Next to the Old Operating Theatre museum for my Trustees meeting which took place in the Crypt of St Thomas Churc - all going well!

Exhausted at end of the day.

Wednesday to Crits to discuss Work in Progress Show - pretty good by and large and the crit method - dividing up into smaller groups works really well.

Football - score two goals

Thursday, can relax a little, but have to go to Bryans to finalise accounts for Cultural Heritage Information Consultants. Then to Dentist in Richmond, home for some work and to Simon and Martha's to hear first performance of Simon's concerto.

Friday, to the Operating Theatre Museum to do two guided tours of Public Health in Victorian Southwark for school from Romsey. I have been nursing my voice and it just survives, the walk is becoming pretty good and all joined up.

To Camden at the end of the day to fill in CRB check form for Camden project.

Home, knackered, hoping the cough is perhaps a little better - I certainly feel better.

But I am falling way behind on writing the Kings book


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