New Book Review of 'Divroced, Beheaded, Died' and the sales figures of Kevin Flude Books

Divorced, Beheaded The History of the Kings and Queens of Britain 
has sold 81,406 copies.

Hard Back - 50,655
Paperback - released Sept 2015
E book      -  24,432
Audio Book        557

Total 81,406

Nice review of it here  Divorced, Beheaded, Died...: The History of Britain's Kings and Queens in Bite-Sized Chunks by Kevin Flude - book review

To buy it 

The Citisights Guide to the History of London

 When this was published by Virgin, they printed 10,000. I think they sold about 2,000 before remaindering it. The 8,000 left were, I believe, sold not pulped.

I have no way of working out the sales of the I'universe  version but royalties would suggest sales of maybe 20 a year since 2001. Given sales of:

Total: 10,300

You can buy this here:

In their Own Words - a literary companion to the origins of London

I cannot find out the sales of this either.    But versions of it have been around, self published since 2000. I estimate approx 50 copies a year.  So 800 copies sold. I would guess.

Total: 800

You can buy this by email me at or clicking on this link:

The 4 Humours of Shakespeare

 I published this simply to try out Feedaread, and to see what it looked like as a booklet.

First printing - 4 copies
Second printing - 20 copies

Total 24

You can buy this here


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