the possibility of unperceived existence, hyperobject and object orientated ontology

A  morning trying to update myself. Timothy Morton's book Hyperobjects being the subject.  What I like about it is a philosophy that makes the world not homocentric, one in which things have their own reality, and where we are not at the centre of everything.   The philosophy is called  Object Orientated Ontology (OOO).

In a way it seems another moment in time like Corpernicus's discovery that the Sun does not go around the Earth.  Now OOO allows us to ignore philosophers who tell us things can only be known by the senses and therefore their existence depends on our cognition.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Of course it does.  But, I coming from the no nonsense school of philosophy,  have always believed in the 'the possibility of unperceived existence' and have objected to the subjectivists. So thanks to the OOO for bringing this back into reality.

Now Morton  has used OOO to attack the eco movement for putting Nature on a pedastal for us to admire, rather it being part of a mesh of existence upon which we all exist as equals.  I see an echo here in biodynamism who not only want to farm organically for our health but what to farm well for the good of the patch of land they farm in its own right.  Not to increase yields, not to help us, but because that patch of land has its own existence and rights.

As to Hyperobjects - hmmmm.  the definition is baffling and its hard to understand what they are and more importantly what they are not.  So they don't really have any existence.  Maybe just a way of looking at things?


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