Bermuda National Gallery

Having gone to the Bermuda National Library { about the size of a village library  about to be closed down } I had no great expectations for the National Gallery.  Its position above the City Hall confirmed my pessimism but once entering the Gallery my spirits lifted as it is a lovely space over two stories with surprisingly interesting exhibitions.

The star was an exhibition on Shepherd Fairey - rebel with a cause.  His punk, Russian Constructivism, Barbara Kruger, street art inspired exhibition showed a clear understanding of how to make an impact in public places. The video with the artist is as inspiring as it is informative.  Placing something in unusual places creates something memorable - maybe its obvious but combined with his flair for promotion it shows how he is able to provoke a reaction.  Like Banksy he has the eye for combining something striking with something meaningful.  So he puts a portrait of a typical american couple surrouded by art work from the Dollar, and the couple are cuddling a bomb.  Point simply made..

Another gallery is reserved for paintings of Bermuda of which one or two make a real impact. Upstairs and on the stairs are a series of modern art works which run the range of modern conceptual art - from the messy pieces of LookAtMe isms mascarading as pyschogeography to pieces that remind us that Marcel Descamps said it definitively and what is the point of saying it again?  But there are also one or two pieces that show that some modern artists are finding a confident voice which suggests a future for art beyond the conceptual.   


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