Vincent Van Gogh in London

Excellent article by Iain Sinclair in Tate Etc Issie 45 Middle.

His first house in London is unknown, and then he moved to 87 Hackford St, which reduced his commute to his job at Southampton Street, Covent Garden to about 45 minutes. He walked via Westminster Bridge.  While in London he visited cultural venues with his Sister, Anna, such as St Pauls Dulwich Picture Gallery, and Hampton Court.  He collected unpaid school fees in Whitechapel.

He  moved to Isleworth, and heard a sermon in Kew Road Methodist Church.

He did a sketch of Austin Friars, and copied Dore image of Prisoners Excercising in Newgate.

We know something of his reading - the Arlesienne of 1890 
shows him reading Uncle Tom's Cabin and Christmas Stories by Dickens. He also read 'Our Mutual Friend.'


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