C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la gare - St Pancras Revived

Simon Jenkins has written an excellent piece of the survival of St Pancras despite all those who wanted to pull the magnificent Victorian Gothic pile down.

His piece can be followed below.

However, the building work was not without some cost to the Heritage - personally I miss the long row of arches that were destroyed along Goodsway.

I am, as a London driver, exstatic that Goodsway is finally reopened.
Not just a building, but a joy to behold. Ken Livingstone must hate St Pancras | Columnists | Guardian Unlimited: "C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la gare"


Anonymous said…
Hi Simon,

Great piece about a great piece of Victorian and railway architectural heritage. Like you, I am glad it has survived and been recycled unbrutalised.

One small point about your piece - I believe the Frenchman's comment was aimed at Keble College, Oxford, and not St Pancras (which was the basis for the French pun). At least, that is what my father-in-law led me to believe. If he is wrong, it is not such a funny pun after all.


Anonymous said…
The comment is said to have been made by Oscar Wilde about Balliol's new Brackenbury Buildings on Broad Street, but Keble may well have tried to take the credit!

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